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Roboworm Swim Baits have been made to fit into your tackle box of tools. Roboworm has created a special plastic formulation that is durable, yet soft enough to impart fantastic swimming action. Countless hours of research and Pro Staff testing has helped us develop our swim baits to match any situation you encounter on the water. Roboworm's Ocean Swim Bait Tails are deadly on everything from Calico Bass to Tuna. Many Professional bass anglers have found that these tails work great while probing deep ledges with a lead head jig. Roboworm's EZ-Shad is a completely weedless swim bait. You can throw this bait into the thickest jungles to pull out giant bass. Roboworm has also created an awesome swim bait for the popular umbrella rigs. The 4.25 Robo Minnow works great with a lead head on umbrella rigs, or can be fished weedless with an EWG belly weighted hook for a finesse swim bait. Only your imagination can limit what this line of swim baits can do. Made in the U.S.A.!