Custom Color Program

Do you want a custom color Roboworm? Do you want to have your favorite color in a Roboworm style? Well, now you can with Roboworm's custom color program. Roboworm let's you be in charge of the color on the end of your line. This has proven to be a popular option for anglers looking for exclusive colors that no one else has. 

Just call customer service (1-877-GET-ROBO) with your ideas, have samples available, and we will guide you through the color selection process. 

This is a great option for tackle stores wanting to have a special color that fits into their region.

200 bag minimum for special orders.  So get your buddies together to create a special color, and to have a new weapon in your soft plastic arsenal.  

Discontinued styles such as the Roboworm original Leech are also available for special order.