My first fishing experience was probably when I was still in diapers in a backpack on my dad’s back walking up a trout stream in Arizona under the Mogollon Rim. That began my passion and love of fishing.

As I grew up, every time I could get my parents to take me to the local fishing hole I was there. I spent hundreds of afternoons at the golf course pond with my fishing buddies Erik and Preston. When we were in fourth grade we got to use my dad’s 10 foot aluminum jonboat. The next year he let us graduate from wooden oars to using a five horse Golden Jet outboard on Roosevelt Lake.

{mosimage1}When I was about fifteen, Preston’s parents took us to the lake for a picnic. While we were fishing that evening along the bank I caught a 12 lb. 6 oz largemouth bass. It was one of the most exciting catches I’ve ever had. This may have been what hooked me on the whole bass fishing thing.

About a year after I graduated from high school I bought my first bass boat. It was a fifteen footer with a seventy-five horse power engine that got around pretty well. That summer I began fishing local bass tournaments at night with Max Ryden, another friend that lived up the street from me. After winning a couple of them some other fishermen suggested we start fishing some bigger team tournaments that started during the fall. Our first “real” tournament was an Allstar Bass Team Tournament. We really got into it even though we finished just out of the money for the first five tournaments. Luckily we got sixth and fifth place finishes in the last two tournaments that kind of paid for the season.

{mosimage2}All through college at Eastern Arizona Community and Northern Arizona University I fished team tournaments with Max and Preston. During the 1999-2000 season Preston and I won the Anglers of the Year points race in the Allstar Bass circuit. I knew there were some guys that made a living fishing professional tournaments so decided I would try it. During my Allstar tournaments I met Mark Kile who is a professional fisherman and he gave me a little extra guidance.

During the first two years of fishing professional circuits I was fortunate enough to win four boats and provide a good enough living to support my wife Alicia and our new daughter Kailee Grace. Some of these successes included a two day lead in the U.S. Open to finish fifth, making the FLW Everstart Championship top ten finals and a second place finish in a Bassmaster Open after slipping from a first day lead. On the team fishing side, with partner Reese Randall, I won several Allstar Championships and the U.S. Angler’s Choice Southwest Championship.

Needless to say I’ve probably been hooked for life in a career that God has allowed me to enjoy and pursue.