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Roboworm Inc. is located in the beautiful city of Camarillo, California. Started in 1989 by Harvey and Greg Stump (known then as GJ&H Company).  Robotic machine technology was invented to automatically pour worms in the exact same manner as traditional "hand pour" worms.  Over the years our products, customer base, and machinery have evolved into what is now the leading manufacturer of custom "poured" worms.   We pride ourselves in our quality control.  All of our products are made in the U.S.A.!

Owner, Greg Stump, next to Bassmaster Elite series angler Aaron Marten's wrapped vehicle, took the bass fishing world by storm when he introduced his Roboworm brand.  Combining a robotics engineering degree, and  his love for bass fishing,  he has created the leading manufacturer of soft plastic lures in the world.
Production Manager, Mike Brakebill is responsible for Roboworm's famous line up of colors, including Aaron's Magic, the most duplicated color in plastic worm history.  After 30 years of winning tournaments in Southern California, Mike knows a thing or two about winning baits and colors.  Mike oversees his staff to assure every pack of Roboworm's are consistent in color, high in quality, and shipped in a timely manner.
Operations Manager, Mark Taylor runs the business side of Roboworm, and handles all of your customer service needs.  Mark can answer all of your questions regarding Roboworm products, and can help you become a Roboworm dealer.